The Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL)

Fully supported and promoted by ICAO, the MPL is now increasingly being adopted and embraced by civil aviation authorities and airlines around the world.

ICAO recognise that MPL training is airline relevant, using the latest methodology, the most technically advanced aircraft simulators and experienced airline training instructors. The use of the state of the art aircraft simulators allows cadets to experience system failures, weather phenomena and practice emergencies. These would not be possible to replicate or experience whist training in an actual aeroplane.

For the first time.

MPL training incorporates Threat and Error Management (TEM) into the entire training programme. The MPL is a competency based training programme that ensures you reach the required skills and behaviours before you can progress to the next level of training. On graduation, you will be fully prepared and ready to enter active airline service.

The emphasis of the MPL programme is training you to function as an integral member of an airline’s multi-crew operational environment. This develops a higher level of safety and human factors awareness, learned from aviation incidents and accidents over the years. To summarise, the MPL course is one of the most effi cient, eff ective and relevant methods of training future airline pilots.

Ensuring that you are prepared for these challenges is of utmost importance to us and you.

Piloting a commercial aircraft can be a very challenging but rewarding career and requires a high level of discipline and dedication. Assessments take place in the UAE to determine your learning skills and to establish if you have the required level of ability and skill to successfully complete the rigorous training programme.

Whist previous experience is not a requirement, you must demonstrate a keen determination to become an airline pilot. We specifi cally look for these qualities through a series of exercises, tests and interviews. The assessment consists of five main phases:

To schedule an assessment, please email us your CV to mpl@aag.aero. Our Cadet Recruitment Officers shall be able to assist you further.

Phase 1

English Language, Mathematics and Physics Testing.

English is the international language of aviation. It is a regulatory requirement that all key aviation personnel must demonstrate ICAO Level 4 competency in English before licence issue. You will therefore be tested on your comprehension of the English language as well as your fundamental understanding of Mathematics and Physics.

Phase 2

Computer-Based Aptitude Testing

You will be further assessed by a computer-based programme, that analyses your memory, co-ordination, orientation skills, learning aptitude, and ability to extract relevant information in a multi-functional environment.

Phase 3

Psychometric Evaluation

You will be required to sit a basic test that checks and deciphers your personality. It will reveal your strong points as well as any potential weaknesses.

Phase 4


The final, and most important stage will be an interview with a panel of experienced aviation professionals. This is to determine if you possess the fundamental personality traits and determination considered a prerequisite to becoming an airline pilot. The interview also forms part of your English language assessment. Successful cadets at this stage will be invited to attend a final interview with our training department

Phase 5

Medical Examination

Medical fitness is a key requirement for a career as a commercial pilot. Cadets will be required to undergo a UAE Class 1 Medical Examination to complete the selection process.