Professional Airline Pilot

“I want to be a professional airline pilot”
Show me how...

The job of an airline pilot is probably one of the most prestigious, glamorous and exciting in the world. It is a highly rated and adventurous career choice, allowing you the opportunity to travel around the world to places most people only dream about. It is a challenging, dynamic and demanding job undoubtedly very rewarding. You could not have picked a better time to train as a pilot. Over the past few years a surge in the aviation industry has resulted in a worldwide demand for qualified pilots. In the Middle East there has been an unprecedented number of aircraft orders. Each aircraft needs approximately 10 pilots, resulting in a need for thousands of new pilots. We estimate that a minimum of 3,000 pilots will be required each year to meet the needs of the airlines in the Gulf region alone.

Becoming an airline pilot is a dream many young people have. For most it remains just that, but for you it could be a reality. If you are a motivated and committed individual with a dream, then come and speak to us today. You can expect to earn an attractive salary with an excellent benefit package. Now is your chance to turn your dream into reality with our MPL Programme.